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MSEC / MultiScale Environmental Changes


• 1991 MA (equivalent) in agriculture.
• 1993 MA (equivalent) in Accounting & Finance
• 1995 MA in development studies
• 2003 National DEA of Soil Science (post MA qualification)
• 2014 PhD Montpellier 2 France

Main fields of research and expertise

Over the last 20 years, I have worked at national and international levels, in several countries (France, Lao P.D.R., Mauritania, Senegal, Thailand, Lao PDR), in multi-disciplinary teams, in the fields of soil conservation, biophysics and natural resource I have worked also on scientific instrumentation and experimental techniques.
Key Qualifications:

Soil science: physicochemical characteristics of the soil, hydrological assessment and transfer, study of degraded and submerged soil.

Telemetry: acquisition and automatic transfer of the data. (data logger, sensors)

Agronomy: rice crop Africa and Asia

Plant ecology: rubber tree, Teak tree, roots development.

My current activities on team research interests include (i) investigating the links between land use, root growth dynamics and soil erosion in the mountain environments of Northern Lao P.D.R., (ii) understanding root-soil interactions and crop-intercrop competition processes in rubber tree plantations of NE Thailand, (iii) investigating the long term impact of agricultural practices on the environment and teak plantation, in Northern Lao P.D.R.