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MSEC / MultiScale Environmental Changes


MSEC Responsible in Vietnam from 01/01/2015

  • Msc of Soil Science - Hydrometeorological data collection and data manager - SFRI
  • Department of Analysis Center
    Soils and Fertilizers Research Institute (SFRI, VAAS,MARD)
    Le Van Hien street-Duc Thang precinct-Tu Liem North urban district - Hanoi- Vietnam

Main fields of research and expertise

  • Study on the impact of long-term agricultural practice activities on changing soil physic, chemistry and biology on the context of global climate change.
  • To explore and promote the efficient use of organic and inorganic fertilizers for improving agricultural productivity and soil fertility to obtain optimum yield for farmers.  

Recent publications

Janeau, J. L., Gillard, L. C., Grellier, S., Jouquet, P., Le Thi Phuong, Q., Luu Thi Nguyet, M., Ngo Quoc, A., Orange, D., Pham Dinh, R., Tran Duc, T., Tran Sy, H., Trinh Anh, D., Valentin, C. & Rochelle-Newall, E., 2014 Soil erosion, dissolved organic carbon and nutrient losses under different land use systems in a small catchment in northern Vietnam. Agricultural Water Management. 146, 314-323.

Didier Orange; Phạm Dinh Rinh; Thierry Henri des Tureaux, Jean Louis Janeau; Tran sy Hai; Do Duy Phai; Nguyen Duy Phuong; Tran Đuc Toan, 2014. Impact of the economic development on long term erosion of an agricultural watershed of Northern Vietnam. Global Friend water Feb,2014 Conference

Rinh Pham Dinh; Didier orange; Toan Tran Duc, 2012.  Long term soil erosion measurement on slopping land in Northern Vietnam: The impact of land use change on bed load output. Conservative agriculture in South East Asia. The 3rd international Conference on Conservation Agriculture in Southeast Asia - PROCEEDINGS Hanoi. 10th - 15th December 2012.

Rinh Pham Dinh; Toan Tran Duc; Didier Orange; C.Valentin, 2013. The impact of land use change on soil erosion and nutrient loss in agricultural cultivation watershed. Journal of agricultural Science and technology of Vietnam. No.4(43). ISSN-1859-1558

Rinh Pham Dinh, Nguyen Xuan Lai, Do Duy Phai, Pham Nguyet Ha, 2014. Fertilizer management for improving rice production and soil fertility in the north mountainous and hilly region of Vietnam. Journal of agriculture and Rural Development. No.45. ISSN-1859-4581.