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MSEC / MultiScale Environmental Changes

Christian VALENTIN

  • PhD, HDR, Soil Scientist, DRCE IRD
  • Lab. Address: 32, av. H. Varagnat, 93143 Bondy cedex, FRANCE
  • Phone: +33 (0)1 48 02 55 31/ 06 43 67 87 22
  • Email : Christian.Valentin|DONTWANTSPAM|

Main fields of research and expertise

Soil erosion, Surface features, Runoff production, hydrology and ecology, mainly in West Africa and Southeast Asia. He has been posted in Ivory Coast (12 years), Niger (5 years) and Laos (6 years). His publishing credits (h-index =25) include 86 articles in refereed journals. He belongs to the editorial board of Catena. He chaired the soil erosion and conservation of the International Union of Soil Sciences, the international network of the Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems program of the International Geosphere Biosphere Program and co-authored an IPCC chapter on desertification in 1995. He chaired the CNUCED expert group on desertification indicators. He also chaired the Soil Erosion and Conservation sub-commission of the International Soil Science Society.

Current assignments

  • Deputy Director of the iEES-Paris research unit, Paris, pluri-institutional and multidisciplinary,
  • Deputy Director of the Environmental Research Consortium (FIRE), Paris, pluri-institutional and multidisciplinary staff: 825).
  • Coordinator of the MultiScale Environmental Changes (MSEC) in Southeast Asia
  • Coordinator of the Multidisciplinary Regional program of IRD in Asia.
  • Coordinator of the sub-group on Soils, and IRD representative of the group on partner countries of the French Alliance for the Environment
  • Coordinator the CNTS Multidisciplinary Research Network on Soils of the French National Research Center (CNRS).
  • Deputy Chair of the Scientific Steering Committee 1, in charge of Soil and Water the French National Agency for Research
  • Deputy Chair for Research of the consortium of the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi
  • Member of the French National University Council for Earth Sciences
  • Corresponding member of the French National Academy of Agriculture

Recent publications (2010-2014)

Bertrand I., Ehrhardt F., Alavoine G., Joulian C., Malam Issa O., Valentin C., 2014. Regulation of carbon and nitrogen exchange rates in biological soil crusts by intrinsic and land use factors in the Sahel area. Soil Biology and Biochemistry,72: 133-144.

Chaplot V. Bouahom B., Valentin C. 2010. Soil organic carbon stocks in South-east Asia: spatial variations and controlling factors. Global Change Biology. 16(4) :1380-1393

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Grellier, S., Ward, D., Janeau, J.-L., Podwojewski P., Lorentz S., Abbadie L., Valentin C., Barot S., 2013. Positive versus negative environmental impacts of tree encroachment in South Africa. Acta Oecologica, 53: 1-10.

Hai An Phan Ha, Huon, S., Henry des Tureaux, T., Orange, D., Jouquet, P., Valentin, C., de Rouw, A., Toan Tran Duc 2012. Impact of fodder cover on runoff and soil erosion at plot scale in a cultivated catchment of North Vietnam. Geoderma, 177-178, 8-17.

Huon, S., de Rouw A., Bonté Ph., Robain H., Valentin C., Lefèvre, I., Girardin, C., Le Troquer, Y., Podwojewski, P., Sengtaheuanghoung O., 2013. Long-term soil carbon loss and accumulation in a catchment following the conversion of forest to arable land in northern Laos. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment: 169: 43-57.

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Podwojewski, P., Janeau, J.-L., Chaplot, V., Grellier, S., Valentin, C., Lorentz, S., 2011. Influence of vegetal soil cover on water runoff and soil detachment in a sub-humid South African degraded rangeland. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 36, 911–922

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